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    Snuggle Up With a Bargain Avenue Wool Quilt

    Do you love warm hugs in bed? The right wool quilt can give you the same experience, sometimes even better.

    At Bargain Avenue, we offer an amazing selection of Australian wool quilts. Whether you have a queen-size bed or a double bed, you’ll find something that suits your every need.

    Every wool quilt in our collection helps ensure you get a good night's sleep each night as they regulate body temperature – perfect whether you're a cold or hot sleeper.

    Additional Wool Quilt Features

    Our huge range of wool quilts and cotton quilts makes it easy to find the perfect bedding for your home. Our luxurious natural fibres provide warmth in cooler climates while still offering breathability so you won't overheat in warmer months.

    Plus, wool is naturally antibacterial and dust mite resistant, making it an eco-friendly choice, too! The Australian wool filling and the cotton cover material keep you cosy in the bedroom regardless if it's winter or if you're experiencing a warmer climate.

    Choosing the right quilt can be tricky, but we’ve got every quilt for every loft and home. If you're a cold sleeper, we have thicker quilts that keep you warm in your super king-size bed. For hot sleepers, we also have lightweight materials built for different bed sizes.

    Plus if allergies are a concern, fibres like cotton or wool are always a great choice.

    Even better, we have all the accessories you need that will give you the best sleep every night. Whether you need mattress toppers or bed sheets or would like to purchase a duvet or a comforter, we have everything you need at a great price.

    Purchase A High-Quality Wool Quilt For Less At Bargain Avenue

    We understand that a great wool quilt doesn't come cheap, so we have the best deals that give you great quality at the best price. With our secure checkout and fast shipping, you'll be snuggling up with the perfect bedding.

    Don't wait any longer – find your dream Australian wool quilt today! Hot and cold sleepers will always find the best quilt in our collection to keep you warm the whole year round.

    On top of our huge range of premium quality wool cotton blend quilts on our website, we also carry the best sleeping accessories in Australia.

    With such great choices, choosing the right quilt might seem daunting! But don't worry, this is where we step in.

    We know what works best with your preferences - it doesn't matter if it's for the winter months or for warmer months. We can help you find the ideal balance to keep the entire family warm in every season.

    At Bargain Avenue, you can find luxurious Australian products at great prices. Some even come with free shipping, giving you even more bang for your buck!

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