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  • Aquarium External Canister Filter Aqua Fish Tank UV Light with Media Kit 1850L/H

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    1850L/H | 3 Stage Filtration | UV Light

    Use a multi-level approach to filtration and filter your tank water with our Giantz Aquarium Filter. This external filter is designed to be positioned outside of the tank and draw water into the filter through an inlet tube and return the water via an outlet tube.

    Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums sized up to 350 litres, this type of external filter avoids the need for an unsightly filter inside the tank. It runs on 35W power for energy-efficient operation and has a flow rate of up to 1850L/h. The 3-level stackable filter design means you can create a filtration system to suit your needs, by using all or some tiers and filling with your preferred media (bonus media included). Designed with a tight cap lock with no need to worry about leaks and coming with a full set of accessories, it is very easy to set up without any specialised tools required.

    Once you start filtering your tank, you will begin to see clearer and purer waters and be able to take active control over your water characteristics. Best of all, it has a built-in UV steriliser light to expose passing water to lethal doses of ultraviolet and effectively kill many microorganisms.

    Efficient external filter with up to 1850L/h flow rate
    UV light sterilization to eliminate harmful microbes
    Suits both freshwater and saltwater aquariums
    Suitable for aquarium tanks of up to 350 litres
    Ultra-fine 3-stage filtering basket
    Bonus filter media: Bio-ball, ceramic rings and active carbon – RRP $59
    Low power consumption
    Tight cap lock to prevent leakage
    Complete set of accessories: Pump, hoses, pipes and media
    Easy-install inlet and outlet connectors with flow control switch

    Voltage: 240V/50Hz
    Filter power: 35W
    UV power: 9W
    Maximum height: 2m
    Flow rate: Up to 1850L/h
    Inlet size: 16mm
    Outlet size: 22mm
    Hose size: 2x φ1.5cm x 180cm
    Overall dimensions: 26.5cm x 26.5cm x 43cm

    Package Content
    1 x External Filter
    1 x Filter Media
    1 x Pipe Set
    2 x Hose


    Trust Pilot Top Rated