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    Giantz 5% 30M Window Tinting Kit

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    Window Tinting Kit VLT5% 30M
    Window tinting has been a popular option for decades, both as a perceived insulator from heat and glare as well as increasing privacy. Having a tint on your windows, can help to reduce air conditioning usage in a way and improve the look of most cars.
    Our car tint films filter out around 99% of incident ultra violet light - ultra violet is the major cause of fading in curtains, carpets or soft furnishings. It also increases your privacy whenever you need to keep out the prying eyes, without pulling the curtains. It's simply an easy and great way to protect yourself and your furnishings.
    Exclusively made with 30m in length, there'll be plenty for your car and home window.

    * 5% visible light transmission
    * Reduces glare from sun, snow and headlights
    * Reduces interior fading
    * Keep your vehicle cool
    * Protective film cover
    * 99% UV resistance
    * Effective heat insulation
    * 5 easy steps to apply
    * Professional window tint tools
    * Large triangle scrapper - Windshield window
    * Medium triangle scrapper - Fibre vinyl
    * Small triangle scrapper - Air bubble
    * Knife and blades

    * Size: 100cm x 30m
    * VLT: 5%
    * Colour: Black
    * Thickness: 2 mil 2 layer
    * UV resistance: 99%
    * Solar energy rejected: 60%
    * Tools
    * 1 x Retractable knife
    * 1 x Squeegee
    * 1 x Large triangle scrapper
    * 1 x Medium triangle scrapper
    * 1 x Small triangle scrapper
    * 10 x Blades

    Package Contents
    1 x 30m Window Tint
    1 x 5pc Tool Kit


    Trust Pilot Top Rated