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  • Giantz 800W High Pressure Garden Water Pump with Auto Controller

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    Giantz Stage 800W Garden Water Pump High Pressure Tank Rain Farm Irrigation

    To get the best out of your water pumping needs, look no further than the GIANTZ Water Pump with Controller. It’s designed to pump up the volume with a consistent and powerful flow of water for your various water-related tasks.

    Everything about the GIANTZ Water Pump is built to perform and last. From its durable stainless steel exterior to its highly efficient 800W copper motor to its precise fittings, the Pump is self-primed to deliver a maximum flow rate of 54 litres/min with a maximum water delivery height of up to 40m. It’s thermally protected with an effective cooling system, which means that the internal components will not burn out when critical operating temperature is breached or when the Pump is running dry.

    The Pump is lightweight and portable for ease of use anywhere and has a sturdy, vibration-resistant base to keep it steady at all times. All Pump components are protected from the elements by a weatherproof control box.

    The Automatic Pressure Controller helps to maintain a stable water pressure and flow, and features auto on/off, an accurate pressure gauge and an adjustable start-up pressure of between 1.5 bar and 3.0 bar. Maximum working water pressure is up to 10 bar.

    The GIANTZ Water Pump with Controller is particularly suited for facilitating auxiliary water supply as well as enhancing water pressure for a host of home uses such as washing, showering or flushing. Nothing beats the GIANTZ for choice.

    Stainless Steel Garden Pump
    CE/GS/EMC approval
    Durable stainless steel body
    Lightweight and portable for ease of use
    Sturdy vibration resistant pump base
    Forced air cooling motor
    Waterproof power switch
    Built in dry run & thermal protection switch
    Fully automatic pump controller
    Rust-resistant coated motor housing
    Suitable for parks, tanks, vegetable patches and gardens
    Simple installation required

    Automatic Pressure Controller
    Automatic electronic water pressure controller
    Maintains stable water pressure and flow
    Provides steady performance of the pump
    Requires low maintenance
    Light indication for operation
    Convenient connection design
    SAA certified plug and socket
    Suitable for jet pumps, garden pumps and water pumps

    Water Pump:
    Voltage: 220/240V, 50/60Hz
    Max Flow: 54L/min
    Max. Delivery Height: 40m
    Shaft material: Carbon Steel
    Hosing material: Stainless steel and alloy
    Mechanical seal: Ceramic/Carbon
    Inlet/Outlet size: 25mm(1 inch)
    Protection Class: IPX4
    Suction depth: 7m
    Voltage: 220/240V, 50/60Hz
    Max. Current: 10A
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Protection grade: IP65
    Max. water temperature: 60 degrees
    Starting pressure: 1.5-3 bar
    Max. pressure for use: 10 bar

    Package Content
    1 x 800W Garden Pump
    1 x Automatic Pressure Controller
    1 Set x Assemble accessories
    1 Set x User manual


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